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Minneapolis St Paul Snow Removal Services

In Minnesota and around much of the country, winter means the arrival of snow and ice, and lots of it.  The removal of snow and ice from walkways and driveways is a job that most homeowners would love to hand off to someone else.

Prevent Snow Shoveling and Snow Blowing Injuries

Cleaning up mounds of snow can cause more pain than just a headache. While this seasonal activity may seem mundane, it can also be dangerous.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that each year there are approximately 5740 snow blower related injuries in the United States which require medical attention. One problem with the design of the snow blower is that snow can build up in the auger, jamming it and stalling the motor.

This is complicated by the fact that the auger could deform before applying enough resistance to the motor to turn it off. If the jam is cleared by hand, it is possible for the auger to return to its natural shape suddenly and with great force, possibly injure the user; snow blowers are a leading cause of traumatic hand and finger amputations. The correct procedure is to turn off the engine, disengage the clutch and then clear the jam with a broom handle or other long object.

Most modern machines mitigate this problem by including a safety system known as the “Dead man’s switch” (which may be electrical as implied or mechanical in design, such as a lever), to prevent the mechanism from rotating when the operator is not at the controls. In some jurisdictions, this is mandatory requirement.

Snow Blower Safety

Need Help Snow Plowing?

Minnesota winters can be harsh, and we don’t want you caught in the cold for the next Minnesota snow storm!

Have a safe, relaxing winter without the worries of snow plowing your driveway or hurting yourself shoveling your sidewalk.  Impassable sidewalks put everyone in danger. Please shovel sidewalks adjacent to your property. It’s your responsibility and the law.

We’ll make sure your car can get into the garage, your steps are clear of ice and your mail can be delivered. Trade in your snow boots and shovel for a cup of coffee and the morning paper. Who wants to take the risks of shoveling anyway?