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Plan Ahead for Snow Removal

Those who have a large driveway or live in an out-of-the-way area might find that the time saved by hiring a professional snow removal service is a lifesaver when it comes to getting to work on time or simply staying out of the cold for hours on end. Even with a snow-blower, the results you’ll get doing the job yourself may not be as impressive as what a pro can do with a plow they are trained to use well.

Another big reason to hire a snow removal service is when you own rental properties. Whether it is an apartment complex or a few houses around town, having a professional snow removal service working for you will ensure that your tenants are happy and safe.

When You Shovel Snow and Clear Ice

  • Shovel the sidewalks on all sides of your property, the full width of the sidewalk down to the bare pavement.
  • Remove all ice from sidewalks. After the sidewalk is cleared, sprinkling a little sand can help prevent slipping on frosty sidewalks.
  • Pile snow into your yard and boulevard. It’s against the law to shovel snow into streets and alleys.
  • If you have corner property, clear curb cuts at corners and crosswalks to the street gutter. You are not required to clear snow ridges or piles left by the plows beyond the gutter – City crews sometimes return to do that, but if they can’t your neighbors would appreciate it if you could clear an opening to get through.

Avoid a Ticket

  • If the City of Minneapolis gets a complaint or discovers that a sidewalk is not properly cleared, Public Works will inspect the sidewalk and give the property owners a chance to clear it.
  • If the sidewalk has not been cleared upon re-inspection, the property owner may be issued a citation with a fine.
  • Crews will remove the snow and ice from the sidewalk. Property owners will be billed for this service, and unpaid bills will be added to property tax statements.

Is Your Sidewalk Shoveled?

  • You are as responsible for clearing ice on your sidewalk as well as snow. Ice can be more dangerous and intimidating than snow.
  • The sooner and more completely you shovel, the less likely ice will form.
  • Arrange to have your driveway plowed and your sidewalks shoveled ahead of time while you are on vacation.

Shovel around your garbage carts and recycling bins. If you don’t, the City will do it for you and charge a fee.

Minneapolis Snow Emergency

Find out where to park during a Snow Emergency. Snow plowing clears the streets so fire trucks, police cars, ambulances and drivers like you can get around and park. Complete plowing of your street requires parked cars to be moved. If you don’t move your car, it may be ticketed and towed.

Find out if the City has declared a Snow Emergency and what you need to do to follow Snow Emergency parking rules.

Save yourself the cost and hassle of getting your car ticketed and towed. If you don’t follow the Snow Emergency parking rules, it could cost you more than $172!

Keep Your Driveways, Sidewalks, and Parking Lots Clear This Winter

Snow removal involves removing snow and ice to make your walkways and driveways safer to use. If you are reasonably fit and do not suffer any risk of heart attack then you can do this task yourself, but if you are not used to heavy labor or are approaching your senior years then it is probably better to call in a snow plowing and snow removal company to do snow removal for you.  Make sure your car can get into the garage, your steps are clear of ice and your mail can be delivered. Trade in your snow boots and shovel for a cup of coffee and the morning paper. Who wants to take the risks of shoveling anyway?