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Keep Your Driveways, Sidewalks, and Parking Lots Clear This Winter

Snow removal involves removing snow and ice to make your walkways and driveways safer to use. If you are reasonably fit and do not suffer any risk of heart attack then you can do this task yourself, but if you are not used to heavy labor or are approaching your senior years then it is probably better to call in a snow plowing and snow removal company to do snow removal for you.  Make sure your car can get into the garage, your steps are clear of ice and your mail can be delivered.

Helping your elderly or disabled neighbors remove snow from steps and sidewalks is a great way to pay it forward.

Remember to Shovel Your Sidewalks this Winter!

  • You are as responsible for clearing ice on your sidewalk as well as snow. Ice can be more dangerous and intimidating than snow.
  • The sooner and more completely you shovel, the less likely ice will form.
  • If you are away, it is still your responsibility to ensure that someone clears sidewalks next to your property. Arrange to have your driveway plowed and your sidewalks shoveled ahead of time while you are on vacation.
  • Shovel around your garbage carts and recycling bins. If you don’t, the City will do it for you and charge a fee.

Trade in your snow boots and shovel for a cup of coffee and the morning paper. Who wants to take the risks of shoveling anyway?

Sign up early to ensure that your drive and walkways are cleared of snow.