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Minneapolis Snow Plowing and Removal Minneapolis MN

Remember last winter? Minnesota received double the predicted snowfall, making it the snowiest winter in almost 30 years and the second-snowiest on record. We are no strangers to heavy snowfall. Snow blowers make the task of clearing all that snow much easier, however, many people are injured every year while using their snowblowers.

Minnesota winters can be harsh. Don’t get caught in the cold for the next Minnesota snow storm!

Stay Safe- Keep Your Driveways and Sidewalks Clear This Winter

Snow blowers cause 3,000 finger injuries each year, including amputations, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. As the snowfall increases, the number of snow blower injuries rise. Fully understanding the equipment and never touching the machine while it is in operation will help prevent injuries and amputations. Don’t ever clear a clogged discharge chute or auger housing with your hand. Most machines now come with a plastic clearing tool, but a broom handle will do.

While most winter injuries are not that severe, there are still plenty of injuries that can occur from shoveling or falling on an icy walk. We’ve all been sore after snow blowing or shoveling. Some of us have even had the infamous snow shovel back injury. Improper shoveling technique and the temperature play a major role in most cases.

Besides snow, a snow blower, can pick up and throw ice, gravel, and other objects. Keep people and pets away when you’re working. Wear hearing protection with gas-powered machines. Wait until a gas model’s engine is cool before refueling. For electric models, use an outdoor extension cord with a ground-fault-circuit-interrupting circuit feature, and keep the cord away from the spinning auger.

Heavy exertion and cold temperatures can also be a dangerous combination. Take frequent breaks to avoid overexertion. Seniors and people with hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes should consult a doctor before using a snow blower. If your driveway is especially long and two or more cars wide, you might want to consider having it plowed by a reliable Minnesota snow plowing service.