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Once the ground has thawed, it’s time to do more than just think about your lawn. If you are an aficionado of natural lawn care, now is the time to collect your soil samples and send them to the lab. At the very least you should know the pH of your soil. If you prefer, a professional lawn service can do a soil analysis for you.

To prepare your lawn for the coming year, you will want to remove all the dead grass, dead leaves, branches, twigs and other debris leftover from the previous growing season and the winter in between. This process is called “dethatching.”

If last year’s dry summer left your lawn spotty or bare, seed that aerated lawn with new grass seed. The holes left by aeration are a perfect surface for germinating grass seed.

Let’s face it, lawn care and maintenance is not always at the top of everyone’s to-do list. You’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars sodding or seeding your yard, now what? How do you care for it? Water it? Fertilize it? Mow it?  One thing’s for sure: these things need to be done!

Are there trees that need trimming? Hedges that need pruning and shaping?  Dead trees that need to be cut down?  Maybe you’re planning to do some light landscaping.  Maybe even install a new sprinkler system. Now is the time to decide whether you want to undertake these tasks yourself or hire a Lawn Care company to do them.

Sharpen Your Mower’s Blades for a Greener Lawn

This is a great time to check your lawn mower – make sure the blades are sharp. Sharp blades cut the grass cleanly, dull blades rip or shred the grass leaving the tips ragged and yellow. Utilize the one-third rule when mowing – only remove one third of the grass height with any one mowing. Make sure your mower height is set no lower than 2 inches; 3 to 3 1/2 inches is preferable. This will aid in moisture retention and shade new growth. By leaving your lawn taller, you can also cut down on the chances of weeds getting a foothold. It will also help roots from drying out faster.

Lawn Mower Safety

Lawn Care Calendar For Minnesota

Lawn Care Calculator

This lawn care calendar is a guide to maintaining lawns in the upper Midwest. It covers the general care needed to adequately maintain an average home lawn.