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The front lawn is, was, and I hope always will be a part of Americana.  It’s where our dog Poochie, ran rambunctiously through the water spurting from our garden hose. It’s where, through the decades, we’ve sat together as a family on blankets, while eating barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers. Or where you can watch the kids play, entertain friends, or just sit and relax.

But did you know that healthy lawns are very important to our landscapes, lifestyles and environment?

Are outdoor recreation spots that…

  • Link us to nature.
  • Create peaceful feelings and improve moods.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable place for kids to play.
  • Natural grass fields are safer for athletes than synthetic turfgrass.

A real asset to your home…

  • Boosting curb appeal.
  • Increasing property values.
  • Enhancing landscape plantings.
  • Beautifying our neighborhoods.
  • Building a sense of community.
  • Trees have the biggest impact, so placing an attractive tree, or trees, in your yard to provide shade and frame your home or backyard may well be worth it.

Benefit soils by…

  • Effectively preventing erosion.
  • Contributing to soil organic matter.
  • Building rich zones where good microscopic critters thrive.

Protects water by…

  • Eliminating stormwater runoff.
  • Absorbing water into soil restoring ground waters.
  • Trapping and removing pollutants with their fibrous root systems.

Improves air quality by…

  • Removing carbon dioxide and making oxygen through photosynthesis.
  • Filtering the air by trapping dust and smoke particles.

Enhances our environment by…

  • Acting as “natures air conditioner” cooling the air.
  • Reducing urban noise pollution by absorbing sounds.

To sum it up perfectly

Lawn Grass…

  • a continuing source of oxygen and cool air.
  • a cleansing answer to our environment.
  • a source of beauty and comfort

For A Lawn That Will Have Your Neighbors Green With Envy!

Proper lawn care encourages healthy, deep rooting lawns while lowering costs, conserving resources and benefiting the environment. Maintaining a healthy lawn includes watering, fertilizing and mowing as the primary chores. Core aeration, overseeding, compost topdressing and dethatching are important secondary maintenance practices.

Homeowners can be proactive by reviewing their lawn and doing the following:

Clear the lawn of leaves, downed branches, and other debris that have fallen during the winter.

Aerate the lawn if it seems compacted, if moss is growing, or the grass has worn down. Machines can be rented or a professional can provide the service.

Check the lawn’s pH balance. Grass likes a well pH-balanced lawn. Many landscaping companies provide this service.

Homeowners can consult with a Minnesota lawn care company to put together a custom program that that will have your neighbors green with envy.

Now is the time to give your lawn some lovin!